8′ 33″ is a set basic furniture for nomadic lifestyles. Its pieces are easily assembled and disassembled by means of a press-fit system through slots and can be transported in a flat pack. Designed by Alejandra Gandia Blasco and Rocío Gambín, the 8′ 33″ elements are based on a grid created by Thomas Lommée, the driving force behind the @openstructures platform. This means that they are available as an open design and can be produced by anyone. In addition, they are made of a recycled material developed by Oiko Design from detergent and soap containers, with a novel aesthetic inspired by different types of marble. 8′ 33″ is 500 seconds, which is how long it takes to assemble the entire collection.

8′ 33″ has been promoted by Gandia Blasco Group and is part of Scenes from the Near Future exhibition, a
project curated by Tachy Mora with the support of Centre del Carme and World Design Capital Valencia 2022

Text: Tachy Mora

Design: A-R-O, Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, Rocío Gambin y Oiko Design Office, 2022

Photos ©: Mariela Apollonio (1,2,3). Rocío Gambín.