LUCE is a collection formed of three pieces. Each piece is shaped to evoke light, reflection, and memory that not only reflect themselves but also the life of whose make use of them
Jewels are, at most, memories of past moments, being the real and tangible testimony of our personal experiences; as such, we want them to keep them for life.
With this in mind, the jewel box was created to treasure memories. This justifies that the container is worthy of the content. The jewel box must be an honourable guardian; thus, it has been presented with noble materials such as wood and brass.
This woodturning oak vessel, with its natural and warm feel, embraces all the jewels equally,  thanks to its rounded shape.
The brass cover, which transitions from the outer semicircle towards a squared figure, constitutes a visual reference of something valuable. Finally, the inner mirror enables us to revisit the dialogue with our memories through our reflection, the jewels image and the projection of the jewel box itself.  
The candle light and its reflection over inanimate objects brings them back to life.Therefore, the presence of a chandelier is part of the essence of this collection. This object of light brings the novelty of its brass material helping to expand the light of its own reflection and making it crucial to the development of this collection.
The last piece to complete this trio is the tray. Its even surface is a compliment to the reflection which gifts us with light in conjunction with the brass. This last piece also uses a wooden touch in the handles sharing that warmth with the rest of the collection.